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  • Al-Qaeda Bomb Plots Foiled in Germany, Denmark

    In Germany, authorities arrested three suspected al-Qaeda terrorists believed to be planning ‘massive bombings of US targets, including Ramstein Airbase near Frankfurt. The three, 2 Germans and one Turk, were part of a group called Jihad Union, with ties to al-Qaeda. Police recovered bomb-making materials and military triggers, disrupting “one of the worst terror acts ever planned in Germany.”

    In Denmark, eight Muslims were arrested in a bomb plot foiled by Danish intelligence. Of the eight arrested, “six were Danish citizens, but they had Afghan, Pakistani, Somali or Turkish backgrounds,” while information on the two non-Danish citizens was not immediately reported. The suspects were under surveillance for some time, and the arrests were made as they began to acquire and accumulate chemicals required for explosives. The head of Danish intelligence, Jakob Scharf, said some of the men detained had connections to “high-ranking members of Al Qaeda.”


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