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  • Iran Arming Iraqi Militias Via Chinese Arms Purchases

    As Lt. General Ray Odierno states that Iran-armed Shi’a militias are behind 3/4 of the attacks in and around baghdad that have killed Americans, noted China analyst John Tkacik, Jr. reports that China is a principle weapons source for the Iranians arming the Iraqi militias.

    Tkacik wrote that “according to a knowledgeable Bush administration official, “vast amounts” of Chinese-made large caliber sniper rifles, “millions of rounds” of ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), and “IED [improvised explosive device] components” have been convoyed from Iran into Iraq and to the Taliban in Afghanistan.”

    He adds that “Some items show Iran has made “urgent” requests for “vast amounts” of Chinese-made sniper rifles, apparently exact copies of the Austrian-made Steyr-Mannlicher HS50.


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